** Warning ** Critical Defense

Warning: I have experienced a major issue with this ammunition. After firing two rounds through the Bond Arms Derringer with the 2 1/2" barrel set, I was not able to eject the spent rounds. Pushing on the ejector failed to move them. I had to remove the barrels then pry each spent round loose with a fired cartridge case. The were jammed in that tightly. Even under normal use, this is bad enough, but for a self defense gun, unacceptable.

*** This load should not be used in the Bond Arms Derringer

As I have written here before, I have come to appreciate the Bond Arms derringer more and more as I carry it and train with it, learning the unique characteristics of the gun. I have been carrying it in three different holsters in two different positions: the D.M. Bullard OWB strong side, a PJ kydex holster or a modified Remora with mag pouch in AIWB.

In the Bullard Bodyguard

PJ Holster AIWB

My customized Remora with mag pouch

I have criticized the pistol's two shot capacity as a shortcoming, and I suppose in certain situations that may be true but I have become more comfortable in carrying it as my primary, and often only self defense carry gun. I have practiced with it until I feel confident of an acceptable reload time. Yesterday, my confidence increased at our local hardware store.

Shopping for some electrical parts I wandered over to the firearms and ammo section as I usually do. Up on the shelf amongst the various shotgun loads I found this:

Hornady's new self defense .410 round. I have been carrying loads with 00 Buck or the Winchester PDX1 Defender loaded with 3 plated discs and 12 plated BBs. Although I think this is an effective load, having a hollow point .41 caliber FTX projectile backed up with two .35 caliber round balls is more to my liking. Hornady claims that the shot pattern from this round will impact a man sized target at seven yards, perfect for most self defense encounters.

Now I am even more comfortable carrying the Bond Arms Patriot on a regular basis. If I think I will need more capacity and a bit greater distance, I always have my Ruger SR9c, but my Patriot loaded with the new Hornady Critical Defense loads has become my most comfortable, concealable and awesome carry gun.