Hilary, Guns and Saving Lives

"I'm looking for ways we can save lives. It is just too easy for people to reach for a gun." - Hilary Clinton

 It requires a number of assumptions to logically make Hilary's two statements hang together. Let me try to unpack them.

"I'm looking for ways we can save lives."

 So are doctors, fire fighters, police, clinics, EMTs, nutritionists, highway engineers, aeronautic engineers, and, well, that's the point. Saving lives is such a broad category that as a statement it can be generally linked to most anything beneficial that is done, studied and encouraged in society. As long as Hilary is looking, how about looking at alcohol and drug abuse and the astonishing number of lives taken and ruined on our roads and highways each year? Other good candidates that reap and ruin many lives also include: cancer, Alzheimer's, heart disease, mental illness, poverty, terrorism, and the list goes on.

"It's just too easy for people to reach for a gun."

That depends on who and where one reaches. First, the who. If the person reaching is what we still call here in the west an outlaw, one who does not care for or abide by laws, then the where doesn't matter. We can make as many laws against guns and any other tool that we like, but to someone who doesn't care about laws, that makes absolutely no difference. It will make a difference, a very negative difference to a law-abiding citizen who may be required to "reach for a gun" to protect him or her self from that outlaw. 

This is an unfortunate and disingenuous statement coming from one who is constantly surrounded by people with guns. Perhaps Hilary should begin to make it harder for her security agents to reach for a gun. Discussion, pepper spray, training in unarmed combat, complete body armor at all times? Sure, these are ridiculous ideas, but so is the idea that preventing good, honest, law abiding citizens from also having access to guns to protect themselves will "save lives". Frankly, the only lives saved in that scenario will be the outlaws, criminals, rapists and murderers that don't give a damn about gun laws.

The law enforcement officials, military and politicians' security details all carry guns for a good reason. There is no good reason why good people should not do so as well.