Bond Arms Hand-Held Shotgun is Here

Bond Arms Patriot Derringer with the 3.5" barrel chambered for .410/.45 Colt

I recently received this beautiful T&E (test and evaluation) gun from Bond Arms. As I mentioned in a previous post, I will be putting this one to the test over the next few months. I will also be getting the ideas and reactions from some of my friends whom I have invited to comment on and shoot the pistol. Some of whom are quite familiar with handguns, and some not. Some young and in their prime, some old and frail, or at least not very athletic and strong and with little handgun experience.

I have also received four holsters for this gun. One from Bond Arms made as a "driving holster". Could also be a "sitting down holster" too. D.M. Bullard kindly sent me one of their full-grain custom made concealment holsters, the Bodyguard, for this gun, a holster design I have experience with and like. Paul G., owner and chief kydex bender of pjholsters made up and sent two IWB concealment holsters. Mine are straight drop since I prefer appendix carry for concealment. I will be giving these all a real world test and reporting here on my findings.

So, for now, some photos of my Bond Arms Derringer "system" for concealed carry and self protection:

Three Bond Arms Derringer barrels - all are interchangeable

Patriot with 3" barrel and Bond Arms Driving Holster

pjholster without the hammer shield

pjholster with the hammer shield

pjholster shot-shell holder

D.M. Bullard's Bodyguard OWB holder