Cancer. Reciprocity. Veterans. A Mess.

This is more of a personal note, but I think it has impact for many of us who carry concealed with a permit, and those who would like to.

I have cancer. Many people do, and I'm more fortunate than others, for which I am thankful. I'm still active, can write and shoot and do the other things that are important to me. But, as part of my treatment, I must leave my home state and travel to Washington for treatment. My wife and I will be there for about a week. Unarmed, as it turns out.

Washington state has no reciprocal agreement with my home state, so even though I can legally carry in many states, Washington has seen fit to force me to travel to Seattle and stay for a week without my self defense weapon. Why is that? I'm certain their reasons are a tangled web.

As a veteran with eight years active and honorable service, who was trained, paid and encouraged to carry, use, operate and maintain various weapons and weapons systems in defense of my country, it puzzles me no end to see that now, as a civilian, I can't legally carry for self defense and the defense of others in many states in my country.

After this medical stuff is put to rest, which will be very soon now, I plan to resurrect my small campaign to have the right to carry legally given to all honorably discharged veterans in the United States.

I will be looking for people and organizations to get on board and help out.

Think about this.