190 Million Armed Guards

Guarding Paris Civilians

What's wrong with these pictures? On the face of them, nothing much – the French military protecting some of their citizens from Islamic militants, and my own Spydero Delca 4. From what's happening in Europe, increasing security for everyone is certainly a good idea. It's a good idea here in the USA too, since we are not immune from violent attacks by religious fanatics. In the photo, the ratio seems to be one armed soldier for every five civilians. For the popuation of the US, that would require roughly 190 million armed soldiers or law enforcement personnel for seven days by twenty-four hour duty. So, about half of the population to guard the other half.

Obviously riduculous. Also ridiculous is the notion that the rest of us should be prevented from having the ability to protect ourselves. I understand that there are people who do not want to take on this responsibility but choose to rely on the police and armed forces to do that for them. I also understand that they should not have any say in whether or not others decide to take on that responsibility for themselves. Even moreso, I believe they do not have the right to tell me how I can or cannot choose to defend my family and loved ones just because they prefer a different solution.

I am licensed to carry a concealed firearm in my state, and in many other states that offer reciprocal rights to mine. However, I just spent a week in Washington state which is not one that recognizes the carry rights I have in mine. They certainly recognize other rights, such as my driver license, social security card, etc., but when it comes to concealed carry they do not for some reason that probably doesn't make much sense. So, having to visit Washington state for medical reasons, I was prevented from carrying one of my pistols with me. My wife and I spent five days there protected by my Spyderco, which, really, isn't much of a protective device since I'm a senior and not trained in knife fighting, but it was better than nothing.

But back to the religious fanatics threat. I think that future incidents like the one in Paris, especially if they happen here in America, will begin to shift people's perspective on self defense. Is there any sane reason why honest citizens should be prevented from carrying weapons in defense of these homocidal religious nut-cases just because some people are afraid of guns?

So, some advice that bears repeating: if you have any desire to be able to protect yourself and other innocent people, learn how to use a handgun safely and effectively, get a concealed carry permit and carry a weapon. Odds are you will never have to use it, but if you do, at least you will be able to fight back.

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