A Powerful, Well Reasoned Statement About Civil Rights (read: 'gun control')

A friend, a former commune hippie living up in the mountains, passed this on the other day. As in most things, it is wise to not rely on assumptions. Hippies, current and former, are often considered to be left leaning, tree-hugging, socialist and anti-guns. This is perhaps the norm with city-dwelling hippies, but the ones I have lived with and known who make our homes in the country, the farms and the mountains are quite the opposite. All of the old hippies I know would agree with the 'virtual' President's statements.

I do.

Even though both sides of this question are too often drenched in emotional bullshit, if one can dig oneself out of the manure pile and marshal facts in support of your argument, it is, maybe, possible to reach some kind of consensus on this.

Just because you don't (or do) like something, doesn't mean it is wrong.