Crimson Trace Is Participating

Crimson Trace has agreed to participate in my comparison review project by providing a new Defender series laser sight for the LCP.

After a number of missed phone calls, missing emails from CT to me (CT rep Mike Faw sent timely replies to my queries but my mail server decided to route them to the trash folder. Why? Unknown at this point, but I am investigating.) I had a conversation with Mr. Faw this morning - thanks to his call and followup to our interrupted conversation - and he will be sending a Defender sight.

I will be able to perform a direct comparison and analysis of the Defender and the LaserMax CenterFire for the same platform. This is good in more ways than one. Not only are the two companies now in competition in exactly the same market niche - add-on laser sights for the popular series of light and compact carry pistols - but this is a very important improvement for these types of self defense handguns.

I will speak to the Ruger LCP, being I have that particular weapon, and because it is extremely popular.

The LCP, and those like it, are difficult to shoot for most people in two regards. The form factor being very small, coupled with a long double-action type trigger, make the shooter's grip and trigger action very important, and, without significant practice, difficult to control properly. This coupled with the extremely short sight radius and rudimentary sights provided on the gun, makes anything other than 'up close and personal' shooting distance accuracy problematic.

Add these factors to a highly stressed and emotionally charged self defense shooting scenario and the likelihood of missing the target and hitting something or someone else you don't intend to shoot very high. Hence, the need for better sights.

In my view, this is where personal laser sights on these types of handguns really come into their own. It's not that the shooter can get a highly accurate shot placement with the laser, it is that the average gun owner can get shots at least on target, speaking of a realistic self defense scenario where you are trying to hit the center of mass of an assailant. In fact, it gets better because the shooter is not required to bring the weapon up to a "standard" ready to fire position with good sight alignment. Such a move may not be possible for a number of reasons in a real situation. Just getting the laser dot on the target is enough.

So, with LaserMax and Crimson Trace now offering sights in the same market niche, aimed for the same customers, I will be able to do a thorough comparison and report on my findings.

As to the cooperation of the companies involved, at this point, I have them about even considering the fact that both were undergoing certain organizational personnel changes when I first approached them about this project. This created delays that were not reflective of the two companies customer service practices and philosophies.

I will soon be able to begin and bring you the ongoing comparisons and results of the efforts of these two companies and their products.