A Defensive Shooting - What Happens to You After?

Legally carrying a gun, training how and when to use it, understanding of your legal and social responsibilities are all prerequisites for the responsible citizen

. Knowing what may happen after one must use a gun in self defense, understanding your legal rights and

what you should, and should NOT do

, are just as important. The best way to get this vital information is to take a quality class taught by someone with experience, knowledge and your interests at heart. I took such a class offered by Colorado Handgun Safety and wrote about it on this blog.

This class is being offered again and I urge all of my Colorado readers to attend. Read my blog entry to see why.

This is important!

  • The Legal Aftermath of Defensive Shooting:
  • Taught by an attorney - A great follow-up for concealed carry permit holders.
This class is three and one-half hour presentation of Colorado concealed carry and firearms law, taught by a practicing attorney. This class will include a review of Colorado use of force case studies both justified and unjustified, legal definitions, and the "Make My Day Law" as well as question and answer opportunities with the attorney. If you wondered, "What is Next?" after your concealed handgun class, this is it. The Legal Aftermath of Defensive Shooting class will detail how there are only two outcomes to a defensive shooting: Complete Justification or the loss of your freedom.Your concealed handgun class gave you a basic overview of concealed carry law. The Legal Aftermath class provides you the opportunity to ask an attorney all of the "What-IFs" you have wondered about. Presented by Colorado Handgun Safety Inc. and our Attorney, The Legal Aftermath class is designed to give you a greater understanding and peace of mind about your abilities and responsibilities when carry a concealed firearm and defending yourself or your home.
This class is designed for gun owners who have their concealed handgun permit or have attended a concealed handgun permit class.
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