The Companies Behind the Lasers

From Crimson Trace's "Contact Us" page

Lasermax Genesis

As I noted earlier,

when I began this project, the companies that make and stand behind their products are probably more important than the products themselves. Of course it is important that the products do the jobs they are meant to do, and that is difficult enough. Being open to customer inquiry, criticism, ideas and complaints is just as important. If your product is showing some defect, or perhaps a design flaw experienced by some users, it is vital that the company listen to those people. Perhaps there is little to be done, or it turns out to be a personal matter not directly related to the design and manufacture of the product, but sometimes there are changes and improvements that need to be, and can be done.

Competing products also live by reputation, especially in the world of laser sights. People now communicate frequently and at awesome volumes, thanks to the internet, email, blogs, forums, and so forth. Rumor and fact are often not distinguished and both can go "viral" over the internet. It is very difficult for a company to reacquire a former customer once the customer gets a bad taste for the company or product, whether that is justified or not. In the large corporation I retired from, the rule of thumb was it is ten times harder to regain a customer than to get a new one. So, for a continuing business striving to compete and build a great rep, customer service is more than a buzzword.

So, the way in which the two companies that are the subject of my comparison review of laser sights work with and relate to their customers, and to their reviewers is an important part of their reputation in the gun world. (Recall that LaserLyte has disappeared from the scene after an assurance that they would participate. That, in itself, is not a good sign for me.)

As was true with Lasermax, there has been an organizational change with Crimson Trace. I've contacted the new person who coordinates review projects in order to inform him of what I have now, how I intend to proceed and if Crimson Trace wants to more fully participate.

According to Crimson Trace's

Contact Us

page, this is what they have to say about customer service:

At Crimson Trace, our goal is not to meet your needs.  Nor is it to exceed your expectations.  Our goal is to create a “Raving Fan” out of you.  To us, customer service isn’t simply answering your questions, tracking your shipment, or talking you through installation.  To us, customer service is making your experience with our brand shine so brightly that you’re amazed.  That you’ll tell others about your experience.  That you’re not just a customer.  You’re a Raving Fan!

From the Lasermax site, their Contact page:

Contact Us:

Have a question? There are lots of ways to reach out to LaserMax and we

would love to hear from you. Use any of the methods below and let us provide

the exemplary customer service you've grown to expect from LaserMax.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this works.