Myth Busting: Non-traditional Carry Positions

Cruising through some gun forums focused on defensive or self defense use of handguns, I saw a few posts that asked questions like, how do you carry? Now, as some of you know, I'm not locked into one particular position, but I do tend to favor cross draw and appendix carry because I'm not on my feet all day. I'm sitting, standing, sitting, walking, sitting. In the car. Out of the car. You know the drill. I find carrying in front of my body is more comfortable and provides both easy access when sitting and my gun is more protectable - less vulnerable from detection whether in a crowd or from someone at a social event from bumping into me, or from an attempted snatch.

I discovered a video by Rob Pincus that demonstrates very well the advantages, and, get ready for it, safety inherent in appendix carry. I would say this also applies to cross draw.

Take a look at the video and draw your own conclusions.

Rob Pincus demonstrates the advantages of appendix carry