Lasermax Update!

I can begin this post with the assurance that Murphy is alive and well. As you probably know, Murphy's Law states that if anything possibly can go wrong, it will.

After moderating many pro and con laser sight discussions on the old Elsie Pea Forum, and being pretty much on the fence myself, I concocted the idea that if I could get samples of the different, popular laser sights for a handgun, I could evaluate them, test out their usefulness for me and report on what I found. I got a Crimson Trace laserguard pretty quickly. The Laserlyte people promised a sample, but then didn't come through or respond to my subsequent emails. The Lasermax folks were cooperative and got me to the right person to set this up. Then, things fell between the cracks.

After a few emails, I discovered that the original person handling these situations was no longer with the company, and her replacement made contact with me. She liked the idea and we began to discuss how the evaluation and review would be handled. Then more delays. I was getting frustrated with the lack of progress and posted about this here. Then, I re-established contact and we both discovered that Murphy had been at work.

The order meant to send the evaluation items to me had entered their provisioning system, then got canceled. No one knows why as yet, but they are checking into it. They obviously don't want that happening in their ordering and provisioning systems. Then, my contact in Public Relations discovered that my later emails were being directed into her junk mail folder. I wasn't the only one, it turned out. Other important contacts' emails were also being mistakenly routed to the junk mail folder. Strangely, this exact thing had happened to me on a day before. Sometimes, software is too smart for its own good.

Anyway, I think we are back on track. As I see it, this was one of those things that sometimes happens in business, and life, where a few things get off track due really to no one's fault. I should have some review items from Lasermax soon, and I can get my comparison study underweigh.

I want to thank Lasermax for being responsive and tracking down the issues that we experienced. I think one big lesson in all this is to work with other parties to resolve issues instead of jumping to conclusions and slamming people or companies without justification. It resolves around assumptions. Almost every time I've made an assumption about an issue and acted on it, without asking questions and trying to understand all of the facts and circumstances involved, I've made a mistake.

So, a big thank you to Lasermax for hanging on to good customer service like a dog on a bone. It's good to find a company that understands their customers are what keeps them in business.