Lasers: no light at the end of the tunnel

As I posted here earlier, I am trying to get a detailed comparison going with the major laser sight manufacturers. I'm a normal guy, or so some people have said. (Don't ask my kids.) I want to do a "normal" evaluation conducted over time by a representative civilian legal concealed carry person. That would be me.

Crimson Trace was the first to respond. They were quick and effective, sending me a unit for my Ruger LCP. Nice. LaserMax responded, and then the long, long saga began. Some of that is detailed here. Unfortunately, it is still going on. I've had numerous communications with LaserMax, both via email and phone. They are very nice and accommodating, but have somehow run into continuing difficulties in getting their promised units to me for evaluation.

I understand how issues come up in business. After all, I spent fifteen years in a giant corporation dealing with issues resolution on a daily basis. However, I was usually able to get the issues resolved, and to keep the effected people in touch with what progress was, or was not, being made. LaserMax is, I think, trying to resolve the issue with supporting my evaluation and review of their sights, but getting information from them is like the proverbial water from a stone. Not happening.

If I get no action this week, I will have to call off the laser sight review and evaluations. I'll do more postings about Crimson Trace, the sight and the company, but I may not be able to compare the plusses and minuses with LaserMax's products.

Oh, and Laserlyte.... they said, sure, we'd be glad to participate. Then I never heard another word.