LaserMax: a report on communication and customer service

Ruger SR9c with LaserMax Micro

As I reported here earlier,

I have been experiencing communications issues with LaserMax regarding my request to acquire a review unit for testing and evaluation for this blog. After a few misfires, I sent a note to a different individual with LaserMax explaining the issue and requesting a reply. That reply came the next day.

LaserMax has engaged an experienced person to take charge of their customer relations activities and she is actively working to improve standards and response times for the company. She has a great deal of experience in the firearms industry and, from what I can judge of her actions to date, is dedicated, responsive and helpful.

Sometimes, especially in periods of rapid growth, organizations become overwhelmed and drop the ball on a few things. The good ones take a step back, listen to their customers and make adjustments and organizational changes as necessary to get back on track. I think LaserMax is doing this, and focused on improving as a company especially in terms of listening to and satisfying their customers. I am very pleased to have an open line of communication and expect to be able to review some of their products and report my findings here.

Stay tuned.