Carrying a bigger gun

Ruger LCP .380

Ruger SR9c 9mm

Ruger's two fine self-defense carry pistols

. Both have their place in a basic self-defense carry scheme. Without getting into the caliber wars, and you can read as much about this as you want on most internet gun forums if you can stand the tone that these "discussions" often descend to. My philosophy centers around being very proficient with your chosen self-defense weapon regardless of which make, model or caliber you like. There are limitations, of course, being a decision that is predicated upon carrying for self-defense. Too light of a caliber will most certainly be ineffective and too heavy will be hard to shoot and hard to carry consistently. I like the range somewhere in the middle, but whatever one chooses, it is imperative that you be able to consistently hit your target. This will make most any caliber effective, and minimize the possibility of shooting something or someone you don't intend to shoot.

At this point, I have settled on the combination you see above. The .380 shooting modern self defense ammunition, like Hornady Critical Defense (and there are other good choices as well) is an effective, short range self-defense firearm that is reliable and very easy to carry for both men and women, and with almost any wardrobe. Being both light and compact, it carries well in almost any position, and it is very suited to use as a backup gun when required. Pocket carry is very suitable for that role and I personally favor the Uncle George back pocket holster for that use since I don't like front pocket carry. When carrying as a backup, or singly, it fits well in an appendix or cross-draw carry position to supplement a larger handgun in a different carry position such as strong-side.

I find the LCP is very handy for around the house carry when you want something with you and your other gun, or guns, are parked safely in the house.

At one point, in addition to the SR9c, I had a Ruger LC9. Now, that's a good self-defense carry gun - compact, not so big, reliable, in 9 mm. However, I think the SR9c is a better 9 mm choice. It carries, with the small magazine, 11 rounds to the LC9's 7. It has better sights, better (for me) ergonomics, and a much better trigger. And, it is marginally bigger and heavier, but not so much that I cannot carry it all day in a suitable holster - which at this point includes the Bullard Bandit and the N82 Tactical Pro, depending on the occasion.

The biggest advantage of the SR9c over the LC9 for me is that I can shoot it better and more accurately than the LC9. And, coupled with the Ruger SR22PB as a trainer, it goes to make me a better shooter, and that's the most important thing. Your gun must be reliable, but you must be reliable too.

Choose your best carry guns and train with them often. Then carry them whenever you can.

Be safe.