A Versacarry Issue

A brief note for those using, or interested in the Versacarry holster. I had an occurrence wearing this holster with my Ruger LCP, which, to be fair, could have happened with most clip on holsters. I was wearing it at the 3:30 o'clock position, and had been much of the day. I sat on my sofa which has substantial but smooth leather arms. The arm was toward my gun side. When I stood up, the grip somehow hit the arm of the sofa and the LCP popped out of the holster and onto the sofa. Quite a surprise.

I am currently wearing the LCP in the same Versacarry but in the appendix position. I normally carry at appendix or cross draw with the Versacarry and was experimenting with the 3:30 position. I expect this not to be a problem at the front positions. But, anyone carrying so that the grips could come into contact with something, like furniture, should take proper precautions.