Letter to business prohibiting firearms

Letter to ccw store prohibition:
I was (activity) and I noticed your sign prohibiting concealed weapons. I understand and appreciate your concern for the safety of your employees and your customers. I am not a nut or an extremist. I am a responsible, law abiding citizen and I would like to share with you my opinions on this topic. I would appreciate it if you would view them with an open mind.
I have a permit to carry a concealed weapon issued by the State of XXX. I have received training, passed a background check and have my photo and fingerprints registered with the state. I am careful to exercise my right to carry a concealed weapon within the laws of XXX and I understand the serious nature of this responsibility. I do this to protect myself and my family and because I feel strongly that armed, law abiding citizens are a significant deterrent to criminals. Unfortunately, law enforcement officers cannot be everywhere at all times to protect us. Sometimes we have to be prepared to protect ourselves.
Please be aware that anyone legally carrying a concealed weapon has passed a background check and has no felony convictions. These are the "good" guys, not the people you should be worried about. The vast majority of crimes involving weapons are performed with weapons obtained illegally by individuals who would not qualify for a concealed carry permit. Anyone illegally carrying a concealed weapon is not going to concern themselves with your posted prohibition, after all, we have already established that they are criminals. If anything, the sign will give criminals confidence because it is likely that they will be the only ones in your facility armed with weapons.
I generally carry a weapon. When I arrive at your location and see your sign I have four options, none of which are good.
1. "Open carry" my weapon which is legal in XXX and not prohibited by your sign but tends to make people uncomfortable.
2. Leave my weapon in my vehicle, unsecured while XXX, which is much riskier than keeping it with me.
3. Ignore your sign and carry my weapon legally concealed.
4. Leave and find another place to do business.
Of course, the safety of your employees and customers is infinitely more important than my dilemma about what to do upon seeing your sign. Please understand that a concealed weapon which remains concealed is much safer than one in transition from concealment to open carry or to storage. A quality weapon secured in a quality holster is very safe. Also understand that a trained, certified, permit carrying "good guy" in your facility with a legally concealed weapon may be your best defense when a criminal shows up with no regard for your signs or your safety.