Law Enforcement and Concealed Carry

Often the subject of what to do when questioned by a law enforcement officer (LEO) and you have a concealed carry permit and are carrying a weapon. Many concealed carry (CC) gun owners state that they will not divulge that they have a permit and are carrying unless asked. Others think that informing a LEO right away is the correct thing to do.

When I consider this I put myself in the place of, say a Highway Patrol officer who has stopped me for some violation or issue. In his or her case, I would feel much better and more secure knowing that I was dealing with a person who is licensed to carry a concealed weapon and who so informed me, right up front. I would not like surprises and would feel that the person I stopped was immediately dealing with me honestly and cooperatively.

From my perspective, I have nothing to hide and I have a legal right and permit to carry my weapon, so there is really no reason to hide that fact. Some states, and maybe all for what I know, have your CCP (concealed carry permit) logged into the records accessible by the police dispatch anyway, so it won't be a secret once the LEO runs your plate and license. My intent - I haven't been stopped while carrying since I'm an old fart driver and seldom break traffic laws - is to stop, turn on my dome light if it is dark, roll down the window and put my hands on the top of the steering wheel. When asked for my license, I will hand it, and my CCP over for inspection, and let the LEO take it from there.

A simple matter, but important. Those LEOs are out there to help us and I believe in giving them all the help I can while staying out of their way.