Bullard's Dual Carry: Three months later

As I wrote earlier, I like D.M. Bullard holsters. They make leather goods, not plastic, not kydex, not a combination (hybrid). Just plain, high-quality leather holsters designed to do what good holsters should do. I'm not saying that other materials used by other makers are not good. In fact, I also own a few holsters not made from leather and they work well too. But, for me there is more than just plain function. Good leather holsters are statements of the craftsman's art. 

Almost anyone can make a holster from kydex. Buy a sheet of the material, a piece of dense foam, a sheet of plywood, a couple of heavy duty hinges and a cheap toaster oven. You have all you need to press a synthetic holster for your gun. But, should you want to make a good leather holster you will need materials, certainly, but you will also need to learn how it is done from an experienced craftsman. Or, even better, apprentice yourself to a master holster maker. This will take you a few years to approach that level.

Also, and this is certainly a personal bias, a well made leather holster is just a thing of beauty. Really. Set a holster like the Bullard Dual Carry, or a Mitch Rosen holster next to any kydex holster and, well, there is really no comparison. Also, kydex does not break in. Leather does conform to the person using it over time.

All that aside, I can report that the Dual Carry is an excellent choice for those who appreciate high quality leather holsters. It breaks in over time, comforting to you and your gun, which means it just becomes more familiar and comfortable the more you use it. It is easy to convert from IWB to OWB. Takes a screwdriver and about two minutes of your time. 

The dual carry, being both IWB and OWB, can be seen as a value since you only have to have one holster for both types of carry. I recommend you give it serious consideration if leather holsters are of interest to you.