Bond Arms Derringer: Final Verdict

If you have read my entries here in reviews and in the articles section, you will know I've had an on again, off again relationship with the Bond Arms derringers. After an extended period I've come to the verdict that this handgun's place in a self defense carry system is as a backup or car weapon. I've detailed the idiosyncrasies of the weapon in some detail. You have to understand them and learn how to deal with them in any event. What solidified my opinion was when I had other shooters try the gun with different ammo.

First, I can't recommend the new Hornady CD with the hollowpoint and two ball loads. I, and others, have experienced jamming when trying to get the spent shells to eject. They must be pushed out with a rod, or pried out with some soft metal object. Not good.

Second, everyone who has shot the pistol complains of the stiff hammer. Cocking with the thumb of the shooting hand alone is difficult for some, impossible for others. And, everyone has also experienced the trigger. If you don't get a proper grip of the gun with a good wrap around on the trigger, it can be almost impossible to pull. As I've noted before, the trigger moves both back and down, in a kind of rocking motion. Pulling straight back without a proper grip will often not move the trigger far enough to release the hammer.

And, there can be times when two shots are just not enough.

Taken for what it is, the Bond Arms derringer is a quality firearm, well built and effective. But I don't recommend it as your only self defense carry gun.