kytex. Yes, kyTEX, not Dex...

Kytex Gear Ruger LCP .380 magazine belt holder

There is this company called: Kytex Gear, at

 They make, well, shooting gear from kydex. Now, lots of people have outfits that produce kydex shooting stuff: holsters, magazine carriers, flashlight holsters and the like. Most of them are pretty good. It's hard to screw up moulding and trimming kydex, although it can be done. Most of these products are pretty standard. Some kydex products are, however, much better and more innovative in ways that work, than others. Innovation is fine, but innovation must result in improvement and enhancement solutions before it is innovation with value.

Brian, owner and designer of products at Kytex Gear has made, produced and sells what I think are the most useful and innovative semi-automatic handgun magazine carriers around. I have reviewed these mag carriers here, last year. As I said then, I like to be critical of shooting products, especially those intended for people who conceal carry for self defense, for that is a serious business and one in which corners should not be cut. I received a Kytex Gear mag carrier for my Ruger SR9c double-stack 10 round magazine. Which also works fine for the 17 round magazine I might add.

There are no bolts, brads or washers involved, just an efficient, three-dimensional little piece of functional artwork that wraps around the magazine and folds over into the belt clip. Nothing there that doesn't belong. The belt clip has these little ears that serve to hold it securely, and, surprisingly, aid putting it on and getting it off. I routinely clip it on with one hand and unclip it with one hand, but it always stays in place.

Now, in testing gear there is always the 'honeymoon' period when it's new and cool and neater than cold beer on a hot day. But, with time and use, the picture often changes. That comfy holster isn't so comfy after a ten hour car and shopping trip, or a long sit at the movies. The ergonomics aren't so hot when you discover that the holster, for example, puts the gun's grip in such a position that it hangs up on the chair at the diner, almost prying the pistol out of the holster and flipping it on the floor. Maybe that new mag holder continually pokes you in places you don't want to be poked in.

Since I got my Kytex Gear SR9c mag holder last year, I have also been using two Kytex Gear .380 mag holders for my LCP. These are little jewels. I clip 'em on, slide them where I want them and, really, forget about them. Always there. Never aware. They work as they are designed. Every time.

Once, I snagged my SR9c mag holder with magazine aboard, on the side of a door. Wasn't my fault, it was an accidental collision with another person. Result, the belt clip on the Kytex mag holder bent out at about 30 degrees. Hmmm... A quick note to Brian and a short session with my daughter's hair dryer to heat up the clip area, I bent the clip back into position. Works fine again and has never bent or cracked. I'm thinking it's indestructable.

So, a year later, the big double-stack mag holder and the small .380 holders are part of my everyday carry system. The holsters I choose may vary with the season, gun and clothing, but the Kytex Gear mag holders are always there. Good stuff.