Remora Micro Clip holster and a laser equipped LCP

I have one of Remora's new Micro Clip holsters. I wanted to test it for fit with a laser sight, and for retention. My personal experience with small Remora holsters is that they don't stay where I put them throughout the day. I tend to carry my LCP in the appendix position. I used to carry cross draw, but I feel the appendix IWB position is more secure, more concealable and faster to access than cross draw. So, wearing the LCP constantly while doing all the things one does during the day which involves a lot of bending and twisting of the trunk, my experience is that a small Remora will move around and needs constant adjustment. I suppose if I really cinched up my Bear Creek gun belt, that might help, but I like comfort so that's not going to happen.

Micro Clip end view

The button protects the snap for the clip on the other side.

The clip unsnapped from the other side.

A size comparison.

The clip can be easily put on either side because of the built in snaps. This has a down side though. The clip swivels. Easily. Put the holster on, clip it to your belt and it can still move back and forth. Of course it won't come out, or off the belt, but it still can and does swivel a bit.

I think this is a good first effort on Remora's part to solve the issue of small holsters not being as secure in place as the larger ones. I carry a Ruger SR9c with a big magazine in Remoras, AIWB (Appendix In Waist Band) with little concern that the gun/holster will move around. It may, slightly, but usually not.

There may be no easy solution to the small holster issue since there is so little contact area to provide enough friction to keep it in place all day.