FoxX Holsters - new evaluation

Next week I will be taking delivery of a new IWB holster from FoxX Holsters. I learned about this company from one of the members on the Ruger Pistols Forum. Upon visiting their web site I was impressed with the style, price and guarantees offered by the company. Try it for fourteen days, and if you don't want to keep it, send it back for a refund on the holster cost. Also, if it breaks or there are any other issues, they will fix or replace it for as long as you own it. Nice.

I still have not solved my IWB issues with my SR9c. A few of the holsters I now use are close to what I want in an IWB holster, but each has its shortcomings: the Remora is comfortable, flexible in terms of where one positions it and is easy on the draw, but it can shift and change position under certain circumstances. I expect a concealed carry holster to stay where I put it, regardless.

The N82 Tactical Pro I have is extremely comfortable even for all day and most of the night wear. It is tuckable, although this is not a feature I often use, but, it can shift a bit around the single clip, and I have not been able to torque the screw enough to keep the clip from rotating about its mounting point. Also, the Pro has a moulded plastic, not kydex, shell to hold the pistol in place. It "locks" in with a part of the plastic that holds the forward part of the trigger guard. To get the pistol to release from this "lock" requires you to grasp the pistol grip firmly and give an inward twist to the gun as you draw up and out. If I carry the SR9c with the manual safety in the "off" position (rendering the Ruger, in operation, to be much like a Glock) this is not an issue. However, if the safety needs to come off with the draw, the hand position necessary to grab, twist and release positions my thumb such that it is not in a good place to sweep the safety. Fumbling with a manual safety is not something I want in a stress situation.

I would like to try a D.M. Bullard IWB holster, but I haven't had the chance to use and evaluate one. As many of you know I have a number of Bullard's holsters and like them. However, this new Little FoxX holster may resolve my IWB issues.

One of the things I think I will like is the kydex positional "J" belt clip. There is no tail to interfere with a shirt or sweater when pulled up to clear the holster, and it can be positioned solidly with a cant or straight drop, important for me since I favor a cross draw holster position. Also, it appears to be no larger than it needs to be and possibly very comfortable.

Anyway, I will soon be able to put all this to the test and report back here.