New Remora Tuckable Holsters

First, let me say that I have been a fan of Remora holsters since getting my first one for the SR9c. I did make a few modifications for a better fit, and sent that info plus photos to Alan, owner of Remora Clipless Holsters. Later, newer Remoras were released for the SR9c and the LC9 which seemed to have been tailored to those guns. Perfect fit, everything covered that should have been and their incredible ability to remain where you put them. I have been using them for all of my Rugers - they are in the "rotation", used depending on what, when and where. I estimate the Remoras get at least at least 50% of my carry time.

I have now acquired two new tuckable Remoras, one for the LC9 and one for the SR9c. And, Alan included a surprise.

The tuckables (they are identical except for size):

Each is sized perfectly for its intended pistol. There is a firm flap attached to the bottom of the holster, hinged there so that it swings out at the top. The surfaces between the flap and the holster side are faced with a smooth synthetic material so that the shirt material, when tucked between them can easily be removed, pulled upward, when required. A thin kydex "clip" is attached to the outside of the flap with a snap. It also swivels. This clip can be used to hold the flap in position inside the waistband while tucking in the shirt over the pistol. I find that it is easy to tuck without the clip so I leave mine off. It is not necessary nor intended to support the holster.

Wearing it is easy. Tuck in your shirt. Pull it out where the pistol and holster are to be worn. Insert the holstered gun as you would a standard Remora - slip it into your waistband - then slip (tuck) the remaining shirt tail between the flap (which should be even and aligned with the top edge of your waistband) and the holster body. Done. Helps to blouse out the shirt a bit to hide the grips. This holster has no clips to show and is very comfortable to wear.

I wore my trusty LC9 most of the day under a light button front long sleeve shirt. No one, including my wife, knew. I also tried the SR9c and it worked as well. You are aware that you are toting a heavier gun, but the comfort and concealment are excellent.

These are lightweight, secure and comfortable tuckable holsters. Don't be fooled by the difference in design. They are easy to wear, can be worn in many different carry positions and stay where they are put. And, probably best of all, they have no metal clips to deal with or "print". Everything just disappears under your shirt.

I like cross draw and appendix carry and these work very well as a tuckable means to carry in these positions for me.

Now, the surprise... Alan included a Remora OWB holster!

This is made from a simple but very effective concept. Keep the Remora design but made with non-sticky material, like a heavy cordura fabric, padded for comfort and pistol support, but attach a sturdy flap, hinged at the top. Line the flap and inside of the holster that faces the flap with heavy duty Velcro, and, shazam!, you've got a super OWB holster. Tough. Light. Fits any belt (maybe including a pack hip belt?) and adjusts to any cant. Easy on, but stays on. This works so well for my SR9c in the cross draw position that I am after one in black too.

I think the Remora has been refined over the last year, and these new models make Alan's holster line well worth considering. At this point, I own and use more Remoras than any other holster. I recommend them highly.

I have since found out that the OWB holsters are, of course, also made in black.

I have had more time with these holsters and they are living up to expectations. I carried the SR9c, which, although considered a 'compact' pistol, compared to the LC9 and similar guns, not so compact and heavier, all day in a Remora. It rode cross-draw under a light leather vest all day in the car, out of the car, restaurants, malls, shopping, grocery stores - all those places you'd normally visit during the day. Comfortable and secure. I think even my wife and daughter didn't know I was carrying.

Conclusion: Give the various Remora holsters serious consideration. They have proven very adpatable to almost any carry situation. They are comfortable, ambidextrious, secure, tough, light, inexpensive and very effective. At this point, I have generally settled on D.M. Bullard leather OWB holsters and mag carriers, and Remora IWB holsters for 90% of my carry options.