Old Faithful Holster - LCP Update

I noticed that the LCP and LC9 holsters share the same leather backing, the only difference in the holsters being the size of the kydex part. I am testing this holster in the cross draw position for use while sitting - in the car, for example - and for general use. I think the cross draw carry position has suffered from rumor and bad press.

So, today, I trimmed 1" off the bottom portion of the leather backing and smoothed the edges with sandpaper. Since it does not now protrude so far down, sitting is much more comfortable with this modified backing. I was tempted to move the rear clip in toward the kydex as well, but will leave it where it is while I break in this new modification.

The clips on these holsters are so strong that I have taken to wearing them clipped to the pants, and under the belt. The holster is still very secure and the black belt hides the clips. I suggest this arrangement if you intend to wear a shirt tucked over this holster. It would virtually disappear like that.