Regal Cinemas Wants to Search Your Bags

According to a story on the NPR site

Regal Cinemas has begun the practice of searching all movie goer's bags, packs, purses and anything else one might be carrying into the theatre. Why? Well of course it is for "the safety and comfort of all our guests,..." Don't like it? Then don't patronize a Regal theatre or if stopped by the minimum wage ticket taker, who is not going to be trained in the role of security guard, ask for a refund.

This is yet another example of ignorant people publicly "doing something" in response to a perceived threat. No matter that the "something" is exactly the opposite of what they should be doing, it sounds good to the innocent and promising to anyone who might want to find another gun free zone in order to kill people with minimum risk to themselves.

I'm going to write to Regal Theaters and tell them what I think of their new policy, and to let them know that I won't be complying with their useless gesture to public relations, and useful announcement to potential criminals.