One Gun

Most gun people have many guns. Some are not certain how many they have, but still most of us have more than one. Except me now. Given my age and physical limitations I increasingly saw no need to have a number of guns, handguns mostly. There is always a place for a good rifle.  

So, I made a trip to my gun store and put all of my handguns up for sale. I also bought one gun for carry and home defense, a new Ruger EC9s. I had trouble racking the SR9c with its double recoil spring. It is heavy being a double stack loaded with eleven rounds. Good shooter though. I like Ruger guns, a lot. A Ruger was my first gun fifty five years ago. I had previously owned an LC9 which I liked except for the hammer-fired mechanism's long trigger pull. I eventually sold it. But now, Ruger has released a new model, the EC9s based on their improved LC9s which is essentially the same gun except for,the sights. Well, a 9mm single stack self defense pistol really does not need target sights. After watching Hickok45's video review I decided that the EC9s would be my one gun from now on. 

It feels like my old LC9 which is good. I can carry eight rounds and it has an easy to use manual safety. I know gun people and writers who malign manual safeties but I don’t. In the Navy I carried and qualified with the 1911 .45 and using a safety became just a practice of using the pistol. And if you carry and use any gun you should be thoroughly trained in its uses, including a safety if it has one. If you don’t use a safety, or use a gun without one, you must be aware at all times that it does not have that function and operate accordingly. If you do use a manual safety you also have to be aware of that fact and make swiping it off a natural part of your draw procedure. 

In a tense adrenaline fueled situation a safety makes it possible to draw, sight on a threat and still have that final backup you may need before pulling the trigger. I know the arguments about a safety just being another thing to deal with in a shoot immediately situation. True, but it can also save you from shooting when you really shouldn’t.  

With or without a manual safety on the gun, you have to know what you are doing both at the muscle memory level and the conscious level. If you don’t you should not carry a gun.