Re-thinking knives and self defense

I have been inactive for a while. Health reasons mainly. Diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. Am in treatment to push it back into dormancy. Can’t cure it, but evidently can manage it for a while. Anyway, I have been re-thinking the knife as a self defense tool. 

I’m pretty settled with my firearm carry, either a Ruger LCP II or a Ruger SR9c. Or both, depending. Now, we are contemplating a move to California to be near our kids since they are all grown up and starting families. My chances of getting a concealed carry firearms permit there are low, so I have been wondering about using my pocket knife if push come to deadly force. The biggest issue isn’t the knife, it is the training needed to be effective and have a better chance of surviving a deadly force episode.  

When you are older, a ‘senior’, this becomes even more problematic. How to get the training? Where is real training offered? Not many places it seems. I don’t care to sign up with a paper trainer, one who has gotten certification without the necessary experience and background. Martial Blade Concepts, one of the best, offers “distance learning” based on streamed or downloaded video lessons. I’m wondering though, how effective these can be without a training partner to gain the experience, feel, reflexes and muscle memory necessary. I’ve asked the owner that question. No reply as yet. 

So, this is an open question. I usually carry a folding Spyderco knife, maybe two so I would be wanting to use what I have, not a specialized defense knife like a Yojimbo, or a Perrin model. I generally like the idea because it is good to have last ditch tools available when needed and though my, for example, Spyderco Delica would be very effective, it is the training I will need to be minimally effective. 

I have no idea how this will turn out. I’ll let you know.