YouTube's Best Knife Review

Anyone who is interested in knives beyond the desire to grab a cheap imported knife at Walmart to whittle some sticks, chop celery, cut bait or clean out those fingernails will have checked out a number of so-called knife "reviews" on YouTube. If you watch enough, and I'm not talking about many, they all began to blur together and inspire dread, fear and loathing for the ability of absolute cretins to shoot long, out of focus, rambling reviews that really belong in the cutting room of your average junior high school art and media course.

The video above, M. Hanlen's review of the Spyderco Yojimbo 2, is an instant classic. Smart. Entertaining. Informative. Short on statistical boredom recitations and long on useful and friendly information about this knife and how works.

If you are fed up with reviews that begin with a shot of someone's kitchen table top, a box or a knife, two disembodied hands that will constantly fondle, twirl, cradle, open and close the knife while a voice that opened the video with, "Hey, what's up, YouTube" (or guys, or dudes) then proceeds to read off the entire specification sheet and offer unfounded opinions of various designer characteristics and attributes, then restrict yourself to videos from M. Hanlen or their equivalents.

I will let you know if I find any.

Don't wait up.