Swindle CRKT Review follow up

It's been about six hours since I posted my review of the Swindle on CRKT's website. I checked again a few minutes ago and, although there are two reviews of the more expensive ribbed handled Swindle, mine has yet to appear...

Now, I'm giving CRKT the benefit of the doubt here. Maybe it's a lengthy process to have a customer review actually appear on their website, but I don't see how that could be unless they are inspected and approved (or rejected) by CRKT before allowed to appear on their site. I certainly hope this is not the case, or if it is, that critical and constructive reviews are treated with equal measure to the ones praising the products.

If we don't learn, we don't improve.

I'll report back tomorrow on the status of this interesting episode.

The next day.
It's now been 26 hours since I posted the review on CRKT's site. It's still not there. The rating I gave, 3 stars of 5, shows, but none of my comments that illustrate that rating. I sent another message on CRKT's 'contact me' page about this.

Months later.

Still nothing on their website. Not even the 3 star rating. There are five reviews for one version of the Swindle, four for the other. All except one are complimentary. 

So, the final word then is: innovative design. Could use better, less slippery and lighter handle scales. The flipper and ball bearings work fine. The clip does not hold well on thinner material.

I sold mine on eBay.